“I am always excited to interact with and support our international students through the logistics of reaching our campus and making AURAK their new home.”

Messer Al Dosh
Admissions Counsellor

Messer Al Dosh
Admissions Counsellor

You can find my contact details and working hours at the end of the website.”

The page is designed to guide new students through the post-enrollment steps as international students:


Fill in the Visa Application form


Pay Visa Application Fee (AED 2,000) and Visa Deposit Fee (AED 2,000)

  • Click here to view payment methods
Once your visa is approved you can proceed with step 3 and step 4


Book your student accommodation with EDRAK by reaching out to Mr. Rajesh Koroth at rajesh@edrak-amd.ae or call him at +97172269967 / +971509643518 . or visit http://edrak-amd.ae


Schedule your airport pickup. Book your flight and upload details here.

    Book your appointment
    for your online or phone meeting

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